We build quality, modern, affordable websites.

From new start ups looking for an online presence to established companies who need a new look website, we will cater for all your online needs.

What We Do

We provide our clients with a full range of the following services :

Responsive Web Design

Over 60% (and growing) of internet users use a mobile device to access the web. Having a mobile friendly web site is no longer an "option". It is vital. All our web sites are now built to be mobile friendly, regardless of the device.


We will arrange the hosting of your website with a web hosting company who will provide technical excellence, speedy and efficient service at a reasonable cost. We will also set up email accounts for you and your staff members.

Web Design

Web Business Ireland's team builds web sites that are modern, professional, attractive and most importantly, really effective. We will offer you a bespoke design suited perfectly for your business at a cost you can afford.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

At Web Business Ireland we will build your site to the correct web standards for best possible results with search engines. Increasing your websites visibility is a must and that's why  we will work closely with you to achieve these results.

Content Management Systems

These days many companies need to update their site themselves, whether it's adding a new photo, a paragraph of text or a product. We use Backpage CMS which is a light, fast, intuitive and deeply extendable web content management system.

Tech Support

We take great pride in our customer service. Our tech support is of the highest order. Giving our clients  piece of mind by ensuring that,  if an issue arises with regards to their website, it will be dealt with immediately.

"We understand that the decision to put your business online can be a daunting one and because of this we will work closely with you at every stage of the process, keeping you fully informed and involved."

About Us

We have been creating web sites for well over a decade and in doing so we have acquired a wealth of expertise in all areas of web design and development, allowing us the ability to provide cost effective web sites that will meet both your needs and that of your customers.

We offer an array of web related services from domain name registration, hosting, design, databases, e-commerce/shopping carts, search engine optimization, web traffic analysis and our own custom made content management system that allows our clients full control over their websites.

We understand that the decision to put your business online can be a daunting one and because of this we will work closely with you at every stage of the process, keeping you fully informed and involved. Below is a brief outline of the process from start to finish.

Getting an Online Presence

The process from first meeting to going live.

Intial Meeting

First off we will sit down with you and listen to the needs of your company and that of your customers. From there we will establish what kind of look and feel you are after, along with a strategy for the development of the site. Working out these issues at the start can save alot of time over the life time of the project.

Organising Info & Research

We will then organise all the information we acquired from our meeting into a basic structure for your website, by creating a hierarchical order of information into a basic wireframe model, which is just a simple graphic showing main naviagation links, position of logo, main text area etc.amet, consectetur amet.

Designing The Site

The next step is to create the graphics for the site. We will design up a number of rough layouts for your home page and two inside pages. From there you will choose your favourite which we will then develop further until you are happy with the style, structure and general look of the site.amet, consectetur amet.

Building The Site

When you approve the graphics we will begin the coding of the site. You will be able to see this build progress live as we host the site at a temporary address. This will allow you to see how the different pages on your site work with each other as this can sometimes can be hard to visualise from flat graphics.

Going Live

From the beginning of the project you will have been working on the content for your site. At this stage we will begin putting this content into their designated areas. This is the final stage of the build which will involve testing of pages and any last minute changes to be made before sign off and going live.

Ongoing Work

Once a site goes live it should not be forgotten about, the site should be an on going project, with regular updates, new blog stories, photos, company news added on a regular basis, to so your visitors/clients you are a proper business. Some more text here about the end of the project and what to do and so on.